Pursuit of…the Virtual Boy


Virtual BoyDon’t ask me why but for some reason I want… No I need this device! I know, I know, it’s the holy grail of crapwhen it comes to gaming but I think that’s why I want it so badly. I am a sucked for underdogs; if I have no dog in the fight I cheer for whoever is trailing, whoever is ranked lowest, or the team with the least historical success. Some might call this a problem, I call it a case of “chip on the shoulder” syndrome. Either way, that allows me to sympathize with the VB, because it is the redheaded stepchild of gaming and no one loves it. Well I don’t care if I do get migraines and begin projectile vomiting after mere moments of gameplay. I don’t care if the sitting position required to play this monstrosity causes my spine to deform. I want to play games the way they were meant to be played… In moderately impressive 3D and only in black and red. 

I’ve come close to pulling the trigger on the VB for a few months now. Someone locally has one but it isn’t in the best shape so I’ve held off. I also struggle with whether or not I want to drop the coin on getting it in box or not. I typically only worry about getting a console or game that plays but since I’ve never owned one of these before and I’m trying to ascend to that “next level” of collecting, I’ve been contemplating CIB on this one. The problem I’m having is because I know so little about the console I’m not sure what to really look for or how to check for any future issues. I did see one recently that I knew I could pass on because its controller cord had been chewed through…. That makes things simple. Hopefully one will just appear to me soon but I’m not getting my hopes up. 

So what is your black sheep console? Do you have one that everyone else bags on but is a must have in your collection? Let me know below!

3 responses to “Pursuit of…the Virtual Boy

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  3. Curious article! I liked it 🙂

    So basically, my black sheep console is the OUYA. People hate it for some really strange reason… They say the controller is all wrong ((It feels brilliant to me)), they say it’s got no games ((It’s not got the MOST games out there… but probably still boasts more than the PS4 & XBone)), they say it’s got no uses ((Well, worst case scenario, it’s a damn cool media centre that does things in HD)).

    So why do people rag on it..? Because it didn’t do -all that well- at the Kickstarter. They were one of the earliest Kickstarters to really take off. I, personally, love mine… and I can’t wait to see more from it. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it and I’d recommend it to everyone.

    Plus, it costs less than 100 quid. Bargain!

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